In nearly every corner of Laholm’s city centre stands as sculpture. Because of this, Laholm is called “the small town with the great art work”. The foundation of the collection was once made by the town’s known Mayor, Axel Malmquist, who with the income from the annual theatre sets “Laholmsspelen” (1933 – 1968) bought in and donated no less than 16 sculptures to the city. Since then, the collection has increased, and today it contains more than 30 works of art. There are also several museums and galleries in the municipality. Teckningsmuseet (The Museum of Drawings) is located at Hästtorget in the centre of Laholm, and is the only museum of drawings in Nordics. Konsthallen Hishult (the Art arena) is located in Hishult, also known as “little Louisiana”.