Hosts & lifeguards

The lifeguards and tourist hosts are based at two sheds, one at Mellbystrand and one at Skummeslövstrand. The lifeguards are first rescue personnel on site until emergency services arrive. 

The host- and lifeguards’ task and aim are to be at serve on the beach to increase the safety and the service for all the guests. They will act as ambassadors for Laholm’s municipality and represent the municipality’s positive future visions.

As the rescue service runs a comprehensive co-operation with Osbecksgymnasiet (Osbeck’s upper secondary school) into educate high school students to become firemen, this can now be used as a resource on and nearby the beach. The fact that our youths already in grade one or two can get summer jobs as hosts at the beach is amazing. The students get most of the things during the education for free but have performed a certain extra education to be ready to serve as beach hosts. Much of the focus is on water habit, vehicles, emergency healthcare and the good hosting during the education week. Those who work as beach hosts have during regular education undergone the rescue service’s organization, materials and other health care.

Phone number to the beach hosts:
Mellbystrand: +46 (0)730 – 46 10 46
Skummeslövsstrand: +46 (0)730 – 46 46 96

If you have any questions, please contact:
Andreas Randevik
Räddningstjänsten (Rescue service) Laholm
Phone: +46 (0)70-3001067
Phone: +46 (0)430-26706