The beach hotel/restaurant Strandhotellet is the soul, heart and center of Mellbystrand. Without this amazing building, the place would not be the same.

Strandhotellet was built in 1927 and was a very popular place in the summer for many decades. However, as the years passed by, the building became more and more worn out. In the end, Strandhotellet became a ghost castle in the middle of the beautiful beach resort. The building was in need of a renovation, and 2010 it started.

Since 2011, Strandhotellet is open all year and we are very proud of the results! The restaurant is rated as one of Sweden’s 500 best, and we are also arranging excellent conferences, parties and concerts!


Kustvägen 39

31260 Mellbystrand

Tel: 0430-250 19