Skate park

Laholm’s skate park is 500 m2 and made out of concrete. The area is divided into two parts, one for “bowl”-style and the other one for “street”-style.

Other information about the skate park

The area is 500 m2 (15×35).
The lights are on until 10 p.m.
There are benches around the ramp.

Rules and regulations for safety and comfort

All skate boarding is at one’s own risk- use helmet and protection gear.
Everyone with a skateboard, inlines or kick bike is welcome to the park.
Motor vehicles and bicycles are not allowed.
Show respect to one another and show consideration for the beginners.
Graffiti ruins the concrete surface and is therefore prohibited.
The skate park is non-alcoholic and drug-free.
Audience and resting skate boarders shall keep off the concrete area.
Use the trash cans, so you can skate instead of picking up trash.
Damage to the facility is reported to Folkhälsocentrum (Public Health Centre).


Bättringsvägen 4

312 31 Laholm