The Lugnaro barrow

A unique Bronze Age burial site in Hasslöv

The Lugnaro barrow in Hasslöv is a burial site from the late Bronze Age, approximately 2 800 years old. During the excavation in the 1920s, a ship setting was unearthed (a formation of stones arranged to form the outline of a ship) – this became sensational news as a ship setting inside a barrow was previously unheard of in this part of Europe.

Inside the grave they also found a stone chest. The chest had a clay vessel inside, containing small pieces of cremated human bones. Along with the bones, three small bronze objects were found: a dagger, a pair of tweezers, and an awl. During the Bronze Age, such objects were desirable and could only be afforded by the leading strands of society. This suggests that the person who was buried here was an important part of the community.

What makes the Lugnaro barrow even more special is that it is, apart from the King’s grave in Kivik, the only Bronze Age burial site in Sweden that you can enter. In 1926 it was decided that the barrow would be preserved and made accessible to the public. A concrete vault was constructed over the stone ship and an underground passage was built from the adjacent cottage. This allows you to view the ship setting from inside the barrow.

Opening hours 2022

12 June–28 August: Tue–Sun 11:00–15:00.
(Closed June 24–25 and August 26)

Entrance fee: 20 SEK. No cash – credit card or Swish only. (Free admission for children under 18).

Parking free.

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