Lugnaro burial mound

Lugnarohögen is a burial mound dating to the late Bronze Age, (800-600 B.C.), that became a small sensation at the first examination in 1926 since it was surrounded by stones laid in the shape of a ship. It was something never before found within a Bronze Age burial mound.

A swift decision was made to build a dome over the ship were made, to preserve this discovery to the posterity, with an underground path connecting the grave to the cottage next to it.

The grave setting proved to contain cremated human bones in a pot made of clay, and three Bronze items – a pair of tweezers, a bradawl and a small bronze dagger. Surrounding the clay pot was human bones of an older and a younger man scattered.

Further up the mound was a secondary grave, another stone coffin put there at a later date.

In the 50’s the stone ship-bones were analyzed, and proved to have had belonged to a young woman, aged 18-25 years. At the first examination it was presumed that the individual buried there was a man of power and stature to have been gived such a grand funeral. So who was she?

Due the poor condotion of the mound, the grave have been closed to visitors since 2011. Laholms municipality acquired the property 2016, and a considerable restoration process have begun. Lugnarohögen is one of only two mounds in the whole of Sweden one can enter, the other one is Kungagraven in Kivik.



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