Laholm's Town park

One of Sweden’s most beautiful public parks

In 1996 the last train went through central Laholm and early on a decision was made to design a park on the old railway embankment. In 2001 the embankment was excavated and in 2007 the park started to take form.

The landscape designer Peter Gaunitz had a free hand to create a new park from scratch. Unfortunately Peter never got to see the park being finished as he passed away just before.

Peter Gaunitz’s motto was: ”Wild is beautiful”. His parks were weaved with many “threads”. The park was designed with harmony between the needs of people and the good of nature in mind. They were also a combination of aesthetic values and ecologic dynamic. His goal was to keep it easy to manage and long-lived. Nice and delicate combined with grand and magnificent.

And Laholm’s public park is no exception. Here is something for everyone, old and young, for the generally curious to the garden enthusiast. After cutting the first sod in 2007 building the park was done one stage every year for five years. But still today the park continues to develop in the spirit of Peter Gaunitz. The park is divided into different sections, for example Vilda skogen (the wild forest), Woodland and Vårbacken (the spring hill). All sections are unique and have different themes on plants. Moreover, you will find wood sculptures made by the local artist Anders Öhlund all round the park.

”Park of the Year”

In 2013 the park manager in Laholm, Stefan Persson, entered the park in the newly found competition Park Inspira and won! The park was named Sweden’s most beautiful newly built park and could boast that achievement until 2015. With this award the interest for the park has increased and attracted many visitors. If you are interested you can join one of the guided tours in the summer or autumn. If you are a group you can book your own private guided tour.

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