Laholm's Stadshotell

On Laholms Stadshotell (Laholm Town Hotel) we honor the building by allowing the different decades – since the hotel opened in 1882 – put their stamp on the rooms design. The hotel’s eighteen rooms have been renovated and uniquely designed based on each decade from the 1880s to the present day. Far from everything in the rooms is from that decade it represents, but our ambition is that guests will get a feel of the decade when staying in the room. Furniture, wallpaper, curtains, paintings, books, etc, contributes to a unique hotel experience and provides a feeling of nostalgia. However, the amenities are modern, of course, with fresh bathrooms, new comfortable beds, TV and WiFi in all rooms.

The Golden Pearl is our – and Laholm’s – very own british pub. Here you can enjoy the beer and the drinks that you would expect to find at a traditional british pub. The food is excellent and the environment is warm and friendly. Our outdoor terrace is in the best spot with sunshine from morning to evening and is open most of the year’s days.



Hästtorget 3

31230 Laholm

Tel: 0430-128 30