Laholm's Salmon Fishing

The salmon in the river Lagan has been important to the locals for a long time. During the ages the right to the salmon was contested between the king, the church and the local freemen.

At the end of 19th Century the river supplied between 20 and 30 tonnes of salmon every year, and from the waterfall in Karsefors you could catch 150 salmons per day. When the local hydropower was developed, a lot of the salmon’s playgrounds disappeared and thus also the salmon. As a compensation the local power company buillt a salmon farm in Laholm that today is one of the most modern in Europe.

Sport fishing is a very popular leisure activity on Lagan’s beaches. Most common is spinning and fly fishing. Southward from the power station to the river’s mouth is a lenght of about 8 kilometres. With every spring the trout makes its entrence in Lagan and already at the end of April you can see fresh salmons in the waters. The salmons’ journey upstreams in autumn makes for great fishing and we have had people catching salmons up to 14 kilos.


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