Hästtorget (Horse Square)

Hästtorget is the smaller of Laholm’s two squares, and it used to be a market square. You can see this in the wall to the left of Gamlebygatan (Old Town St), where there are moulded iron rings for tying up creatures. Here you will find the artwork “Hästbrunnen” by Stig Blomberg which was inaugurated in 1952. Hästbrunnen is an interpertation on Olof von Dalin’s “Sagan om hästen” from 1740. The old town hotel, the cinema, the theatre and The Museum of Drawings are also located around this square. 



There is free parking at Hästtorget, but you must have a parking disc that indicate when you started your parking (Maximum time: 2 hours). Since 2015 there is also an electric car charger here. The fee is 20 SEK at all hours.