Gamleby (The Old Town)

Laholm’s medieval ancestry is quite obvious when you walk through the Old Town (Gamleby). Here the old street grid and the haphazard town planning from the Middle Ages are still preserved. The houses are built in timber and brick, which is very typical for southern Halland, and it reflects how small towns that used to make a living of trade, craft and agriculture would look. Laholm is the northernmost outpost of this south Scandinavian (Danish-German) building culture. Alongside the winding alleys you will find many fairy tale-like gardens. During the spring and summer the Old Town is in bloom with beautiful climbing roses, mallow and clematis.

St Clemens church lies in Old Town. It was built in 1225 (the oldest building in Laholm) and its tower is from 1632. The paintings on the ceiling were made by Einar Forseth and the glass paintings are made by Erik Olson from Halmstadgruppen (The Halmstad Group).

S:t Clemens kyrka

I Gamleby ligger också S:t Clemens kyrka, byggd 1225 (Laholms äldsta byggnad) med tornet från 1632. Målningarna i taket är gjorda av Einar Forseth och glasmålningarna av Erik Olson från Halmstadgruppen.