Fiske i Smedjeån och Edenbergaån

Smedjeån is a 55 kilometres long river, and it flows together with Lagan outside Mellby. In the river swim, among other fish, trout, salmon, chub, perch, eel and pike. Smedjeån flows up by Långalt in north of Skåne and streams against Store Sjö (Store Lake) on the boarder of Skåne and Halland, and after that it streams to the west through the south of Halland past Oxhultasjön (Oxhulta Lake). It ends up in the river Lagan, close to the ocean. Its largest tributary is Edenbergaån (Edenberga river). Back in the days, Smedjeån was a long lake with lots of fen/swamp around.


Fasanvägen 68

31261 Mellbystrand