Dönardalen's delicacy

Dönardalen’s delicacy (Dönardalens delikatesser) is a lovely farm shop with lamb meat, lamb fleeces, pickled herring, honey and many more delicacies.

The lambs grow up on the fields on the farm, and when ready, they are transported to a nearby butchery. Whole and half lambs are up for sale during the fall, which are packed and ready for purchase. We also cut and grind the meat into minced meat and vacuum seal it. All the packages are marked with cooking tips. The meat is ready to cook or put directly in the freezer.

We have many different lamb fleeces to choose from; gray, black, brown and white.

We also have amazing pickled herring that we make by hand using a 20 year old tradition from Hallandsåsen (the Halland ridge). The herring is well-suited for festive and special occasions.

We sell our own honey made from summer blossoms and sometimes from heather and lime blossoms. Our lamb spice is much appreciated and goes well with not only lamb but also chicken and potato wedges.

Our corn-fed chickens and cockerels come from Munka-Ljungby. The shelves in the store are also filled with lemonade and jam from Hafi, a fruit factory in Halland.


Åstarp 1

31298 Våxtorp

Tel: 070-2203486