Bruddalens hantverk

Welcome to Bruddalen – the valley of brides – named so after the abyss where people used to proposed to their loved ones the olden days. Bruddalen’s Crafts is a family business where we creatively create hand-made candles. This include traditional straight candles, candles boundled together, candles after the customer’s desire and more.

Bruddalen’s Crafts make the material for the candles themselves and makes sure that the candles burn bright and without dropping.

Interested in how hand-made candles are made and wants try it out? Then come and try our one-day course. You will get opportunity to make traditional candles and the seven-armed candle if you dare. The course takes around 7 hours with 3 breaks, one with paid lunch from Confectionary Cecilia.

Courses cost 145kr for younger than 13 years old and 425kr for those above older.

In our shop you can meet our candle makers and order special-designed candles.

You can contact us at or ring us at 0430-500 30.


Lagavägen 3

31020 Knäred

Tel: 0430-50030