Bollaltebygget's old farmhouse

The farmhouse dates back to the 18th century, but other buildings in the area is mentioned already in 1603. Inside the courtyard there is a pear tree from 1838, planted by Johannes Nilsson and Johanna Persdotter.

Parts of the farm, including the main house, have been moved here from the neighbouring village Jonsnahult. The buildings were moved from Jonsnahult in connection to the association’s purchase of the farm. In 1980 the farm became a building memory and 2007 it was donated to Knäred’s research circle and home community association.

Inside, the tapestry painting and decorative textiles hang on their original places, which makes the farm unique. Many of the tapestry paintings are painted by Johannes Nilsson in Breared. In the western abbey there are decorative wall paintings, and in the eastern abbey there are wall-mounted beds and painted coffins. The farm environment is well preserved with a dwelling house in the shape of a high ceiling-cottage and economic buildings with thatched roof.

In the summer guided tours are organized, warmly welcome!



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