There is a lot to discover and experience from the bike saddle in Laholm.


Vallåsen Bike Park is a bicycle park that offers bike riding on the north end of Hallandsås. A seat lift takes the cyclists to the top and there are nine tracks in four different difficulty levels to choose on the way down. Families, beginners, experts, cross-country cyclists … everyone is welcome to enjoy beautiful cycling.

In addition to Vallåsen Bike Park, there are currently no marked trails for mountain biking in Laholm. But the municipality – together with some companies and volunteers – has the ambition to create more trails for mountain biking.


For those who want to experience beach and sea, countryside, lakes and woods the possibilities for nice bike rides are great. There are car-free cycle routes between several of the villages and we have a lot of calm, well-kept roads and dirt roads to cycle on. You’re welcome to contact the Tourist Information Centre for more details.

Kattegattleden is Sweden’s first national tourist bicycle trail. It is 395 km long and runs from Helsingborg in the south to Gothenburg in the north. In Laholm, Kattegattleden follow the sea and you will pass by cozy coastal areas like Mellbystrand and Skummeslövsstrand.


Country road cyclists have gathered for many years in Laholm for training trips and cycling camps. Laholm offer varied and scenic cycling on quiet roads and trails. Hallandsåsen’s slopes challenge you with lots of climbing and provides a chance for cycling at many altitudes.

Under the tab “maps (road cycling)” you will find 12 suggestions on bike routes on and around Hallandsåsen. In Laholm’s Tourist information Centre you will find a map with all trails presented. The map is also available in digital form under the tab “maps (road cycling)”.